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park corporation

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park corporation
flowers for your beautiful times
with creativity and logic.
In hopes that we can help as many people as possible spend even a minute more of their day surrounded by flowers and greenery, Park Corporation will work toward creating a brand that provides city dwellers with a fulfilling lifestyle filled with flowers and greenery.
Hideaki Inoue, CEO

Company Profile

Name park corporation
Established December 24, 1988
Capital 20,000,000JPY
Representative Hideaki Inoue, CEO
Business activities Development and management of flower shop, flower school and cafe. Planning, interior design and construction with plants.

Aoyama Flower Market

Aoyama Flower Market Online Shop

hana-kichi / flower school

Aoyama Flower Market TEA HOUSE

parkERs / interior design planning

Aoyama Flower Market ANNEX / B to B

Employees 1,311 (As of December 2022)
Head Office 5-6-26-7F Minami Aoyama, Minatoku, Tokyo 107-0062, JAPANMAP

Metro Omotesando Sta. B3 exit, 1min walk.


1988 Company established with a focus on party planning and operation (Initial capital stock: 5 million yen)
1989 Began fresh flower sales (Trade name: Aoyama Flower Market)
1990 Established flower arrangement division "Hana Shokunin"
Acquired right to participate in the flower division at Tokyo's Ota Market
1992 Established flower school division "Hanayu."
Increased capital stock to 20 million yen
1993 Opened Aoyama Flower Market store in Minami-Aoyama
Established comprehensive wedding production division "Hana no En"
1997 Opened first Aoyama Flower Market store in Hokkaido
2001 Established training facility in Paris, France
2002 Opened first Aoyama Flower Market store in the Kansai region
Main office moved to Minami-Aoyama 5-chome
Opened first Aoyama Flower Market store in the Kyushu region
2003 Established flower school "hana-kichi" in Aoyama
2005 Opened hana-kichi Professional
Opened ecute Omiya store of Green Clinic
2006 Recognized in the 2nd Design Excellent Company Awards
Formed partnership with Tokyu Station Retail Service
Launched Aoyama Flower Market online shop
2007 Opened LaLaport Yokohama store of Jungle COLLECTION
Reached 70 stores and total sales of 4.25 billion yen
Recognized in the 1st Flower Business Awards
2008 Established ATHLONIA Corp
2009 Received the Porter Prize
2011 Opened first Aoyama Flower Market TEA HOUSE
2012 Opened Aoyama Flower Market Rose Farm
2013 Established interior design business parkERs
2015 Opened Aoyama Flower Market Rue du Bac, Paris
Established corporate service business Aoyama Flower Market ANNEX
2016 Aoyama Flower Market ranked first in "inspires happiness" in Nikkei Research's 2016 Furniture/Household Goods category